Who We Are

We cross borders to deliver unusual and authentic pieces of heritage that add
elegance to any interior.

At Eterne, we offer a stunning selection of the finest designs, home accessories, furniture and art
that reflect the vibrant styles, character, and ingenuity of master crafters from all over the globe.
We collaborate with the world’s prominent artisans to bring you their work which symbolises
their local traditions and culture. Their crafts are created from responsibly sourced materials,
and the results are original and timeless pieces of luxury to be treasured.

Our Heritage pieces reflect a region’s colourful culture, local expertise, and craftsmanship that
have been handed down through generations. Each unique masterpiece tells its own story and
can add beauty and elegance to any office, hotel lobby, yacht or residence.

Our Story

Eterne is the first curated marketplace to grant you access to one-off masterpieces that
unveil centuries-old stories.

The first collection of treasures we are showcasing come from South America, Africa, and Asia. Each piece has been carefully handpicked by our founders, Nagim Zamarialai & Jonathan Pothuis, and each has been chosen because of its growing regional importance attained through multiple generations and the unique but internationally renowned crafting techniques that make it so valuable and drives our strong social commitment to these areas.

We have managed to present this outstanding collection of work by these famous artisans outside their home countries for the first time, for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home. We will continue to add more beautiful heritage products from all over the world, as we find them for you to discover and appreciate as part of Eterne. Through our work, we will continue to contribute towards the preservation of local cultures and towards the sustainability of local communities by offering you an ever changing-collection of exclusive works by the world’s most gifted artisans.